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De eerste reportage gaat over het geldstelsel, met en door: Burgerinitiatief 'Ons Geld'. Aan het woord zijn o.a. George van Houts en Edgar Wortmann.
Op het einde van het filmpje is Rutger van Zuidam aan het woord. Website:
Dutch (Dutch language is spoken)

The second report will be on artist
Enno Schmidt and his initiative 'Generation Grundeinkommen', which was introduced in Switzerland. (English spoken)

Bicycle ride to Maribor
A portrait of Steffi Krause

Steffi works as an independent teacher at the University of Passau. She has worries about students who aren't happy about their study,
or who's study only goals for a good job later. But it's difficult to find a good job in Germany nowadays. Steffi is planning
for a job-change herself, going to the United States, only for a couple of years. She'll come back one day
to her beloved Passau, the beautiful city in the south of Germany.

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